Rewards Points

At Purely Piercings we appreciate the support from our customers, and want to thank our members with a reward each time you shop. Every order automatically gets 5% credit loaded to your account when your order is dispatched. You can gain an extra 10% credit to your account by leaving a quick review of the product/s received. Sign up to become a member and start earning credit on every order placed.

T & C's

1. You can choose to spend your rewards point on your next purchase or save them up for future purchases (potentially giving you a free order)
2. Point will expire after 6 months, the totals are automatically generate by our online system and are unable to be changed.
3. The reward points will apply from your first purchase with us.

How do I earn the 5% and 10% credit?

If you have an account with us, make sure you’re logged in prior to purchasing. Alternatively, you can join after you’ve placed your first order.

Once your order has been processed and dispatched, you will automatically have 5% credit added to your account. For a further 10% credit you can leave a review on the product/s you have received.

How do I use my store credit?

As long as you’re logged into your account when your placing your order, spending your credit couldn’t be easier. On checkout, we’ll calculate your total credit amount and will automatically deduct this from your order total. If you save up your credit, this may mean a free order.

Will my credit expire? How do I know when my credit is expiring?

Credit expires after 6 months from the date they are earned. You will receive an automated email reminding you when you credit is due to expire.