Sizing details for Ear Plugs & Tunnels

Our plugs and tunnels come in a few different styles which may need to be taken into consideration depending on your personal preference or stage of piercing.

With all styles the size/gauge is measured at the thinest/middle point.

Double Flared
This is our most popular style. With these, each end is flared which adds between .5 and 2mm to the plug depending on the size (the larger plugs have a larger flare). Double flares are great to keep the plug/tunel in your ear but can cause issues for freshly stretched ears as you will need some give to get the flare through.

Single Flared
Like the double flared but has a rubber o-ring on one side so you don't need to get the extra size of the flare through your ear.

Top Hat
These plugs have one large end with a shaft and an o-ring. Suitable when you can't get flares through your ears plus can be positioned a little bit more snugly due to the large end & moveable o-ring.

Screw On
Common in metal designs, these have one or more screwable ends. Same benefits as single flares or top hats but without o-rings to lose. Be aware that some styles are externally threaded which can be awkward on sensitive ears.

Double O-ring
More of a simple design with just a single shaft and 2 o-rings. Allows for a more snug fit and flexibility to get the look you want.

Note: Most of our items are manufactured in the US and so are designed in Gauge/Inch sizes. We show the mm conversion for simplicity but some manufacturing variation can occur which shows up more in mm measurements.

How items are Measured

Sizing Tool

Not sure what size you're after? Use our handy sizing tool to work out what you're currently using.

Step 1

Find a NZ $2 dollar coin, place it over the virtual coin below. Then use the smaller or larger button until your coin matches the virtual coin. Every computer is different but this will calibrate the charts so the sizes show correct on your screen.

Step 2

Choose a chart from below to look and match your current body jewellery to get the correct size.

GaugeLengthBall Size
Gauge refers the thickness of the bar. The smaller the gauge, the thicker the bar.
00 Gauge / 10mm
0 Gauge / 8mm
2 Gauge / 6mm
4 Gauge / 5mm
6 Gauge / 4mm
8 Gauge / 3.2mm
10 Gauge / 2.4mm
12 Gauge / 2mm
14 Gauge / 1.6mm
16 Gauge / 1.2mm
18 Gauge / 1mm
20 Gauge / .8mm
Length is usually the wearable length of an item (the space between the balls). Some items also have a total length mentioned.
Ball size refers to the diameter or the ball. This can be with the ball on the end of a labret or one each end of a barbell.