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Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer

Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer
Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer
Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer

Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer

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A neccessity for those who need to be discreet with their piercing at school or at work.
Retainer is available in 16g and comes with 1 clear o-ring to help keep your retainer in place.

Flexible, Comfortable and crafted entirely of Acrylic. Ideal for new piercings that have just healed or for those who are needing an alternative to standard piercings.

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Bar Length13mm
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Customer Reviews

"love them cant people cant see it in at work"

Jamie-lee Vij - 3rd Sep 2013

"I bought these for my teenage son. Once in these are virtually invisible, so for that they should get a full marks, but the little stopper is very hard to handle and if dropped, well good luck with finding it! So what makes it so good is what is what makes it so bad ! May be having back up stoppers in the packet would take the sting out of it, I bought 3, but all three stoppers are now gone ;( and at $8 a piece it becomes an desperate game of hunt for the invisible stopper."

Louise Blackmore - 9th Feb 2013

"Got the Acrylic Eyebrow Retainer, completely invisible when its in so great for work and school! Only problem is that the clear ring is really hard to get onto the bar :/ but once its on, it doesn't come out by itself!"

Josh Honeybone - 7th Feb 2013
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