Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus

Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus
Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus
Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus
Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus

Red Heart Dangle Helix/Tragus

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This cartilage piercing is ideal for fancying up either your tragus or helix piercing. It features a stunning red cubic zirconia heart which dangles off an 18g stainless steel bar. On one end of the bar sits a petite clear gem.

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Ball Size2mm
Bar Length8mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Whole Length22mm
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Customer Reviews

"it's a really pretty earring but i found the bar was too long to actually have on that part of the ear. i just use it as a normal earring, on the ear lobe."

PT Leong


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