10 Stone Poker Style Fake Plug

10 Stone Poker Style Fake Plug

10 Stone Poker Style Fake Plug

Fake plug with reversible design
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10 CZ stones measure 1.5mm all around the front of the plug laid out on a 10mm wide (00g look) steel disc pvd coated black. Meaures 4mm thick.

Fake plugs give the look of stretched ears without actually stretching the ear lobes. Reversible style - front side has the poker style and the back side is plain. Both ends will unscrew for better ease of use.

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MaterialStainless Steel
Whole Length8mm-5/16"

Customer Reviews

"Good quality, nice and solid. The barbell doesn't seem strong enough for the weight of the discs though.."

Nat - 15th Oct 2013

"An excellent piece of jewellery. Fast delivery times."

Dennis Ten - 21st Sep 2012