Green Eye Fake Plug

Green Eye Fake Plug

Green Eye Fake Plug

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The Green Monster Eye measures 8mm wide (0g look) and is 3mm thick with a black oring. The other end is plain steel. Giving you the option of turning these around and going for the Plain Plug Look: 2 in 1 fake plugs.

Fake Plugs give the look of stretched ears, yet can be worn by almost anyone with regular pierced ears.

Both ends will unscrew, so if you have a fatter lobe, or thinner lobe you can change out the 16g 5/16" barbell that comes standard with this item.

Price Per 1 (if you want a pair order 2)
Length: 8mm ~ 5/16"
Gauge: 16g ~ 1.2mm

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MaterialStainless Steel
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