10 Mixed Acrylic Bars

10 Mixed Acrylic Bars

10 Mixed Acrylic Bars

Random assortment of Acrylic Bars
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Each bag of 10 Mixed Acrylic Bars has hand picked acrylic bars similar to those pictured.

Ideal for tongue piercings, or for those who are sensitive to stainless steel or metal based products.

If you have a preference to a colour, please let us know upon purchase and we'll do out best to accommodate.

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Ball Size5mm
Bar Length16mm
Product TypeBarbells
Whole Length28mm
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Customer Reviews

"Lovely tongue bars lots of options to wear in the one of them now very happy with my purchase "

Frances Rameka - 2nd Jun 2018

"I love these so much Very comfy "

Nicola Marshall - 24th Apr 2018

"Loved them so I bought them on bulk Very comfy bar"

Nicola Marshall - 14th Feb 2018
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