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Ear Hangers
- Organic Bone

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Feathered Style Bone Hanger
Feathered Style Bone HangerFrom $10.35(was $14.79)
Available in: 5 Sizes
Available Sizes:
3.2mm (8g), 4mm (6g), 5mm (4g), 6mm (2g), 8mm (0g)

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Feather Bone Organic Hanger
Feather Bone Organic Hanger$12.24(was $17.49)
Available in: 3 Sizes
Available Sizes:
2.4mm (10g), 3.2mm (8g), 4mm (6g)

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Feathered Heart Bone Hangers
Feathered Heart Bone HangersFrom $7.83(was $19.60)
Available in: 4 Sizes
Available Sizes:
1.6mm (14g), 2.4mm (10g), 4mm (6g), 8mm (0g)