Tongue Rings, Bars and Studs
- Anodized Titanium

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Plain Titanium Barbells
Plain Titanium Barbells $7.99
Available in: 2 Sizes + 4 Lengths
Available Sizes:
1.2mm (16g), 1.6mm (14g)

Available Lengths:
16mm (5/8"), 12mm, 11mm (7/16"), 9mm (3/8")

Available Colours:
Gold, Dream Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Lake Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Green, Bronze

Available Ball Sizes:
3mm, 4mm

Independent Cross Tongue Bar
Independent Cross Tongue Bar $10.49
Available in: 11 Colours
Available Size:
1.6mm (14g)

Available Colours:
Rainbow, Steel, Dark Grey, Light Pink, Black, Pink, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Purple

Star Titanium Tongue Bar
Star Titanium Tongue Bar $10.49
Available in: 9 Colours
Available Size:
1.6mm (14g)

Available Colours:
Purple, Rainbow, Steel, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Gold, Green, Light Blue