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Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar

Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar
Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar
Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar

Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar

Available in a range of colours
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Crafted entirely in high quality titanium, these eyebrow bars are available in a range of colours to suit all personal styles.
The barbell is externally threaded on both ends, both ball ends unscrew for ease of use when changing or removing the bar.

More Info

Ball Size3mm
Bar Length9mm
Whole Length15mm

Customer Reviews

"love the lake blue colour. really nice."

Y - 1st Sep 2015

"Excellent product! Pure titanium is amazing for a new piercing to aid healing as well as looking great :-)"

Amy Taylor - 25th May 2015

"I really really liked this one! Sure to buy another colour next time."

Emmanuel Pelayo - 15th May 2015
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