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Carved Circle Nipple Shield

Carved Circle Nipple Shield
Carved Circle Nipple Shield
Carved Circle Nipple Shield
Carved Circle Nipple Shield

Carved Circle Nipple Shield

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This beautiful design for our Jeweled & Carved Circle Nipple Shield is sure to please. This nipple shield features a dainty cut out design and is adorned with three (3) gems available in Red and Pink. Both ball ends on the barbell unscrew for better ease of use when putting in or changing the barbell. Crafted entirely in Surgical Stainless Steel for the protection of your piercing. Price is for one, if you require two please purchase a pair.

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Ball Size5mm
Bar Length16mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

"Beautiful piece. Bit smaller than I expected tho"

Donna Barlow - 19th May 2016

"very cute :) the circle part can be a little difficult to get on but otherwise comfortable and cute ^_^"

Alex Ward - 19th Apr 2015

"comfortable shield looks awesome"

Jackie Young - 11th Jul 2012
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