Internally Threaded Jeweled Labret

Internally Threaded Jeweled Labret

Internally Threaded Jeweled Labret

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Three standard lip labret gauges for you to choose from - either 18, 16 or 14g with LOADS of colours to choose from. Also you can choose the length of bar you require. If for example you choose 10mm, this length is measured from before the ball to before the disc, so basically just the length of the bar! The 18g labrets have a rounded base.

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MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

"Lovely labret, pity the gem is so small though. I was hoping it would be bigger. It looks bigger in the pictures they have of it."

Kathryn Lotz - 2nd Jun 2016

"Great for my forward helix, looks really nice"

S - 9th Aug 2015

"These are excellent, so stoked"

Y - 22nd Feb 2014
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