Swarovski Jewelled Helix Barbell

Swarovski Jewelled Helix Barbell
Swarovski Jewelled Helix Barbell
Swarovski Jewelled Helix Barbell

Swarovski Jewelled Helix Barbell

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Very innovative helix barbell can be worn on either left or right ear. it is cleverly designed so that it follows the natural rounded contour of your ear. The 16g barbell is crafted in 316L stainless steel.

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MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

"Bought the purple one Is very beautiful and classy Only problem is the bar is far too long, so the jewelled bit doesnt sit properly on your ear"

Sarah Ware - 25th Jan 2018

"So pretty Bar is a little bit long but other than that it was a loved gift "

Kennedy Ritchie - 5th Jun 2017

"Very nice and well worth the purchase:D"

Charlotte Lockington - 18th Nov 2015
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