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JackFruit Wood Plugs

JackFruit Wood Plugs

JackFruit Wood Plugs

Wood Collection - Plugs/Tunnels
$5.31 - $8.04(was $7.59 - $11.49)
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If your into natural jewellery and the engraved items don't really flick your switch then this plug might just be the one to get your bulb glowing.

Crafted in solid JackFruit wood and double flared for that perfect fit these plugs look simply amazing on. The 4mm to 10mm plugs have a width of about 8 or 9mm & the larger sizes are about 10 or 11 mm.

Note that part of the appeal of natural jewellery are the unique differences between items. If you order 2 then we'll do our best to match up a set.

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Customer Reviews

"Nice pair of plugs, the wood changes to a beautiful amber colour the longer you wear them."

Alan - 11th Feb 2015

"Really beautiful plug, got lots of nice comments about them. My dog ate one tho!"

laura - 11th Nov 2013

"The wood is nice but wouldn't recommend as the colour looks more like a wart or skin condition than a sweet earring."

Melody - 12th Oct 2013
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