Pure Titanium Belly Ring

Pure Titanium Belly Ring

Pure Titanium Belly Ring

Available in a range of colours
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You are spoilt for choice with our Pure Titanium Belly Rings.

Crafted entirely in High Quality Titanium, they are ideal for those who's piercings take longer to heal or if you're sensitive to steel bars.

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Ball Size5mm, 8mm
Bar Length12mm
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Customer Reviews

"I got a teal coloured bar and it's simply stunning. The colour is super vibrant and it looks great! Haven't had problems with the balls falling off either. Well worth the purchase!"

Chloe Brunton

"Very impressed with the service Ordered a teal ring and it did not arrive so I contacted them and they sent out a replacement straight away Will be ordering from here again"

Kaylah Dutton

"These bars are very light, smooth and have amazing colour I brought two of them and for one I can unscrew the big ball and the other the small ball Im not 100 if both ends can come off but am assuming yes and I might need to use pliers to move the stick balls if I want to swap out balls Otherwise they are lovely "

Becca Cooper
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