CZ Titanium Nose Screw

CZ Titanium Nose Screw
CZ Titanium Nose Screw
CZ Titanium Nose Screw

CZ Titanium Nose Screw

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Quality grade 23 anodized titanium nostril screw with clear Swarovski jewelled ball. The jeweled ball is only 2.5mm in diameter and the barbell post is 18 gauge. The entire piece is crafted in pure grade 23 titanium. Price is for one.

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Ball Size2.5mm
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Customer Reviews

"Lovely nose screw, doesnt stick out Beautiful color, works with anything "

Sarah Ware - 25th Jan 2018

"I love this nose screw I lost my original one and was worried this would be bigger and uncomfortable but it is perfect Very happy with my purchase"

Shirley Harrison - 12th Apr 2017

"Perfect on my nose Love it"

Marilou DC Ward - 4th Dec 2016
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