Titanium Horseshoe Ring

Titanium Horseshoe Ring
Titanium Horseshoe Ring
Titanium Horseshoe Ring
Titanium Horseshoe Ring

Titanium Horseshoe Ring

Available in a range of colours
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Crafted entirely in High Quality Titanium, these multi wear rings are perfect for almost all piercings.
Each ring has two ball ends which unscrew from the externally threaded barbell.
Available in seven (7) different colours to suit all personal styles.

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Ball Size2.5mm
Inner Diameter8mm
Outer Diameter11mm

Customer Reviews

"Really good quality "

Holly Lane - 18th Jun 2016

"Great colour comfortable, wore in cartilage and lobe"

Leigh Hallberg - 29th Apr 2016

"good items going to buy more"

Nick Davies - 1st Jan 2016
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