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Titanium Lip Labrets 6mm

Titanium Lip Labrets 6mm

Titanium Lip Labrets 6mm

Available in a range of colours
$5.59(was $7.99)
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Spoilt for choice with our Titanium Lip Labrets 6mm (the smaller version of the Titanium Lip Labrets).
Available in eleven (11) different colours there is one to suit all personal styles.
The smaller length of 6mm may better suit those who don't like the longer length labrets.
Price is for one.

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Ball Size3mm
Bar Length6mm
Whole Length9mm
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Customer Reviews

"Love it will be buying more in different colours "

Kennedy Ritchie - 6th Dec 2017

"Love it Will be buying more in different colours"

Kennedy Ritchie - 24th Jan 2017

"Good product does what it is meant to"

kristieann hunt - 18th Jul 2016
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