Coloured Star Nose Screw

Coloured Star Nose Screw
Coloured Star Nose Screw
Coloured Star Nose Screw
Coloured Star Nose Screw

Coloured Star Nose Screw

Available in a range of colours
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Our Star Nose Screw is something extra special.
Crafted entirely in Stainless Steel, it is then anodized with titanium to give you a vibrant colour.

Available in nine colours each with a brilliant shine there is a colour to suit all personal styles.

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Ball Size5.5mm
MaterialAnodized Titanium

Customer Reviews

"I struggle with screws, but that's just my issue. The star is super cute, love it."

Catherine James - 12th Nov 2014

"lovely, although the bend was too small for my piercing"

tracey mackinven - 11th Apr 2014

"Unfortunately the star is too big for the side of my nose. Otherwise, it's fine, and others might like it. I like small nose rings generally, so too big for me."

Sheridan - 11th Aug 2013
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