Carved Ear Cuff

Carved Ear Cuff
Carved Ear Cuff
Carved Ear Cuff
Carved Ear Cuff

Carved Ear Cuff

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Very unique and tiny helix piercing cuff with 18g barbell. This very cute wholesale helix jewelry is designed to wrap around the upper ear flap. It is decorated with a carved hearts or stars for a truly beautiful piece.

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Ball Size2.5mm
Bar Length8mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Whole Length13mm


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Customer Reviews

"Love the design and looks good on"

Lucy Beech - 4th Apr 2018

"Hard to put in due to the ball being so hard to unscrew but otherwise very cute"

Sammie - 28th Mar 2018

"Although it wasn't the design I'd ordered I am still happy with your service thank you"

Macdonald Macdonald - 9th Sep 2013
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