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Labret/Monroe Retainer

Labret/Monroe Retainer
Labret/Monroe Retainer
Labret/Monroe Retainer

Labret/Monroe Retainer

Available in 14 and 16g
$4.19(was $5.99)
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A neccessity for those who need to be discreet with their piercing at school or at work.
Retainer is available in both 14g and 16g and comes with 1 clear o-ring to help keep your retainer in place.

Flexible, Comfortable and crafted entirely of Acrylic. Ideal for new piercings that have just healed or for those who are needing an alternative to standard piercings.

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Bar Length11mm
Whole Length13mm
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Customer Reviews

"Good item, however it fell apart quite quickly Only lasted me 2 days"

LARA GREEN - 17th Jan 2019

"must have in the wallet incase you nee urgent xray or op Would be bad enough without losing tose quick to close piercings"

J P Geck CO Health Geck - 20th Jul 2018

"It looks really good Fast delivery and absolutely love it Would definitely buy another"

Kaytlin Jones - 23rd Feb 2017
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