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Externally Threaded Labret Posts

Externally Threaded Labret Posts

Externally Threaded Labret Posts

Spare labret posts for externally threaded jewellery
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Externally Theaded Labret Posts are perfect as replacements for lost posts or to change up the labret piercing you have.
Available in two (2) gauge sizes - 14g and 16g and in eight (8) lengts ranging from 4mm to 13mm.
There is a length and size to suit all piercings and styles.
Price is for one.

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Bar Length4mm-13mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

"The best place of piercing stuff thanks a lot "

Nick Davies - 27th Nov 2015

"PERFECT PRODUCT! I was stuggling with my 8mm bar being to long and scratching my gum, I bought this 6mm bar and it nested perfectly and stopped all rubbing! Merry xmas to me i am buying another :P"

Sara Hosking - 10th Dec 2014

"So easy to just put a gem you like on"

Jaz Cummings - 7th Dec 2014
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