Beach Balls Loop Labret

Beach Balls Loop Labret

Beach Balls Loop Labret

Funky lip labrets available in a range of colours
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Very funky lip loop labrets made from implant grade surgical steel. Price is for one.

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Ball Size5mm
Inner Diameter15mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Outer Diameter19mm
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Customer Reviews

Rebecca Ballard - 27th Jul 2012

"unfortunately this piece was WAY too big to fit in my mouth, couldn't even close my mouth properly with it in."

Couchman Couchman - 21st Mar 2012

"Very large, from the straight bar to the top of the curve it's probably 2cm. Great quality it's a nice piece of jewellery but doesn't fit my face unfortunately :("

Athena Parkes - 16th Jan 2012

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