Triple Beach Cone Eyebrow Bar

Triple Beach Cone Eyebrow Bar

Triple Beach Cone Eyebrow Bar

Available in a range of summery colour combinations
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Our Triple Beach Cone Eyebrow Bar is sure to brighten up your day. Each acrylic cone end has a beach ball style print in a variety of three mixed summery colours. Available in ten (10) warm and summery triple colour beach ball style prints, there is a colour to suit all personal styles and desires. Price is for one, if you require two please purchase a pair.

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Ball Size3mm
Bar Length11mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Whole Length16mm
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Customer Reviews

"After losing one of the cones, I took a bead from my labret stud which I wasn't using. Good to know that these can be interchanged if one is lost."

Sharon - 4th Dec 2015

"The colours stand out well."

Junah - 11th Dec 2012

"awesome, it made a good Christmas present "

christine haver - 4th Jan 2012

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