Bamboo Stick Tongue Bar

Bamboo Stick Tongue Bar

Bamboo Stick Tongue Bar

Acrylic tongue bar with a bamboo stick style. Availalbe in five different colours
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These Bamboo Stick Tongue Bars are totally unique and different from any other tongue bar you own. The ball ends are internally threaded which makes putting in your tongue bar that much more comfortable. Crafted entirely in acrylic which is dental grade, ideal for tongue piercings as it is gentle on the teeth. Available in three (3) gauge sizes and in five (5) colours there is a size and colour to suit all personal styles. Price is for one.

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Ball Size4mm
Bar Length16mm
Whole Length23mm
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Customer Reviews

"Ball is quite small would make sure tongue is healed before using otherwise great"

Georgia Donaldson

"wish it came in a smaller gauge , but i managed to make it fit, theres are so cute and comfortable"

Jazz mcleod

"love these bars, the colours are so vibrant and pretty, doesnt hurt your teeth too much if you accidentally bite down on it unlike metal bars"

Jazz russ
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