Jojoba Oil - 14ml

Jojoba Oil - 14ml

Jojoba Oil - 14ml

Care for Organic Body Jewelry
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Rich in Vitamin E and is a unique liquid was as an oil. It has a stable, long lasting penerative nature to keep your wooden jeweller looking new. Jojoba has a very close chemical composition to the skins own sebum.

Produced in Australia at an establishment that produces certified Organic Oil. Certification: Australian Certified Organic & NASAA

Customer Reviews

"love it super good for stretched ears"

Georgia Sievers - 7th May 2017

"great nice product, hard to find on other sites. i have been using in for oil massages for my stretched ears"

Jarad salt - 6th Feb 2016

"good stuff for ur preicing"

Nick Davies - 1st Jan 2016
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