Marble Cone Labret

Marble Cone Labret

Marble Cone Labret

Available in a range of marbled colours
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You are spoilt for choice with the Marble Cone Acrylic Labret. Each labret has an acrylic marble cone end. Available in eight (8) colours to choose from, there is one to suit your personal style. Crafted entirely in Surgical Stainless Steel finished with an Acrylic Cone.

It is extremely durable and great for an active, on the go person. It's a perfect labret for everyday wear and use.

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Ball Size3mm
Bar Length8mm
MaterialAcrylic, Surgical / Stainless Steel
Whole Length11mm
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Customer Reviews

"great product, comfy fit :)"

Angela Coleman - 17th Dec 2013

"I wrote a review , but I love this site I even though I was really inpatient (sorry) my piercings showed up on time and the customer support was really helpful and effective ! I definitly plan on buying more products, and I got exactly what I wanted at a really good price I won't be spending 30$ on just one piercing ever again thanks purely piercings :)))"

Kelly-Anne - 15th May 2013

"This piercing was awesome! i loved the colour and the style. It looked so cool on the website and in the packet. However when i had it in my lip the end looked to big for my face, the cone peice needs to be made smaller. If it was smaller i would have bought alot more of these because they would be perfect!"

John McCaughan - 28th Mar 2012

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