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Jewelled Captive Bead Ring

Jewelled Captive Bead Ring
Jewelled Captive Bead Ring
Jewelled Captive Bead Ring
Jewelled Captive Bead Ring

Jewelled Captive Bead Ring

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These Captive Bead Rings (CBR's) are crafted from high quality surgical stainless steel ensuring maximum protection for your piercing. The dainty ball set on each captive bead ring, is dimpled on both sides for easy insertion and removal. It also helps to keep the ball in place whilst wearing. Available in three (3) gauge sizes with a range of colours available per gauge size: 14g available in seven (7) colours, 16g available in thirteen (13) colours and 18g available in ten (10) colours - there is a size and colour to suit all personal styles.

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Ball Size3mm
Inner Diameter6mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Outer Diameter8mm

Customer Reviews

"Really pretty, nice quality and comfortable to wear, would recommend"

Zel Whiteman - 4th Oct 2016

"Just beautiful!"

Fleur Clark - 1st Apr 2016

"looks gorgeous in my double helix"

Kym Goh - 1st Apr 2016
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