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Girly Skull Logo Ear Plugs

Girly Skull Logo Ear Plugs

Girly Skull Logo Ear Plugs

$3.84 - $6.80(was $9.59 - $16.99)
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Stash design surgical steel plugs - they are hollow inside, allowing you to 'stash' things inside them. The logo is permanently encapsulated on the plug and is exceptionally clear and high quality. These plugs screw on and off which makes wearing them a breeze. The gauge is measured in the middle of the plug. Price is for one.

Available from 8g - 1".

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MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel


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Customer Reviews

"Cute ear plugs"

Catherine Merrick - 11th Sep 2016

"So stoked with how quickly these arrived after I bought them and they are SUPER cute. Happy customer :)"

Leah Graham - 25th Oct 2013

"Great piercing and awesome service!!! Waiting for my next piercing to arrive now (:"

Zena Guthrie - 11th Apr 2013
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