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Wicked Captive Bead Ring

Wicked Captive Bead Ring
Wicked Captive Bead Ring
Wicked Captive Bead Ring
Wicked Captive Bead Ring

Wicked Captive Bead Ring

$3.60 - $4.40(was $8.99 - $10.99)
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This Wicked Captive Bead Ring adds a little wickedness to the ring. This bead ring features a wicked flame style that is hand polished for a beautiful shine. Crafted entirely in Surgical Stainless Steel for the protection of your piercing. Price is for one, if you require two please puechase a pair.

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Ball Size6mm
Inner Diameter15mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Outer Diameter20mm
Whole Length25mm
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Customer Reviews

"Ordered these by mistake; but what a great mistake it was. Theses Wicked CBRs are just awesome in design and size! Be aware they are large - but are just great looking nipple rings . If you are a regular runner you might wish to consider the Triple Blade CBRs as a smaller and lighter alternative."

Bodster - 10th Mar 2016

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