Heart Dangle Ear Cuff

Heart Dangle Ear Cuff
Heart Dangle Ear Cuff
Heart Dangle Ear Cuff

Heart Dangle Ear Cuff

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Very stylish ear cuff which hangs down your ear to give your piercing a whole new look! Featuring gorgeous heart cut-outs this is a must have for any collection.

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Ball Size4mm
Bar Length8mm
Whole Length18mm
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Customer Reviews

"Was a little concerned it was going to be too big as I have quite small ears, but it fits perfectly. And it wasn't as fiddly to put on as I thought it would be!"

Rachel S

"First time using Purely Piercings and was real impressed with the speedy delivery (got my purchase within 24 hours of ordering) and the product is really high quality. Hangs down just long enough and sits well on the ear. Would recommend buying."

Christy Louden

"I WISH THIS WAS BIGGER!! :( but otherwise a nice piece."

Alice Engel
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