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Denim Sodalite Stone Flared Plugs

Denim Sodalite Stone Flared Plugs

Denim Sodalite Stone Flared Plugs

Stone Collection - Plugs/Tunnels
$3.63 - $4.89(was $5.19 - $6.99)
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Beautiful natural denim blue sodalite stone plugs in a double flared saddle design. These gorgeous pieces are hand carved by artisans then hand polished for a stunning finish.

These plugs are 100% nature made, therefore the design and color of each piece is slightly different. If you are buying a pair, we always try to do our best to match your pairs so they are similar in coloration and natural beauty. This is one of the most unique and special things about natural stone body jewelry.

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Customer Reviews

"Lovely dark blue plugs Quite a decent flange on them, unsure how easy it will be to change them since I stretched to 4mm to get them in but they are 32mm plugs All learning for me I like that sodalite protects from EMF, is calming, and is a truth positivity stone"

Hannah Shaw - 14th Jul 2017

"Great value for these really unique plugs Very happy with my purchase and will be sure to recommend this site and products to friends "

Lee Grabarek - 4th Jul 2017

"Cool great product love them "

Scarlet Orchid - 24th Jun 2017
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