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Orbital Jeweled Tongue Bar

Orbital Jeweled Tongue Bar

Orbital Jeweled Tongue Bar

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Our Orbital Jeweled Tongue Bar is different,unique and stylish. The top ball featurues a single gem in the centre with six 2mm steel balls surrounding the top ball. Crafted entirely in Surgical Stainless Steel for the protection of your piercing. Available in thirteen (13) colours in the standard tongue barbell size there is a colour to suit all personal styles. Price is for one.

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Ball Size6mm
Bar Length16mm
MaterialSurgical / Stainless Steel
Whole Length27mm
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Customer Reviews

"Still one of my favourites!! :D"

Robyn Hepburn - 1st Sep 2013

"Beautiful jewellery although I found It a little too large for my liking and so it was quite uncomfortable in my mouth. Also the bar was a little too long, felt like I went back to my healing days of the overly long bar. if I could get a smaller bar and the head of the piercing was a little smaller it would be perfect."

Roxanne Palmer - 22nd Apr 2012

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