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Pink Inside Logo Barbell $9.49
Plain Titanium Barbells $7.99
Plain Titanium Nose Screw $12.49
Plain Captive Bead Ring $5.49
Patterned Disturbed Labret$13.99$8.39
Pimp Spike Labret$12.99$7.79
Pimp Logo Eyebrow Bar$9.49$5.69
Psychedelic Multi Colour Spiral Talon$19.99$11.99
Pixie Fairy Belly Ring $10.49
Pink Cubic Zirconia Circle Nipple Shield $11.49
Psychodelic Tongue Bar$6.49$3.89
Pure Titanium Ball Eyebrow Bar$7.49$4.49
Pure Titanium Spike Eyebrow Bar$7.99$4.79
Pure Titanium Industrial Barbells $8.99
Pimp Industrial Barbell$14.99$8.99
Pleasures Industrial Barbell$15.99$9.59
Pumpkin Face Belly Ring$9.49$5.69
PVD Coated Tunnels $8.99
Pure Titanium 16 & 18g Balls $5.99
Plain Disturbed Labret$8.99$5.39
Pimp Logo Spike Tongue Bar$11.49$6.89
Pure Titanium Straight Bar $8.99
Pyrex Glass Red Blue Black Twister$8.99$5.39
Pyrex Glass Black and Red Licorice Plug$8.99$5.39
Pyrex Glass Dichroic Glitter Drop $9.49
Pyrex Glass Blue Glitter Drop$8.99$5.39
Peace Lasered Tunnel$9.49$5.69
Pyrex Glass Aqua Glitter Drop $8.99
Pyrex Glass Golden Twister$8.99$5.39
Pyrex Glass Lollipop Swirl Plug$8.99$5.39
Playboy Bunny Floral Plugs$7.49$4.49
Pink Playboy Bunny Plugs$7.49$4.49
Pink and Black Checkered Playboy Plugs$7.49$4.49
Phoenix Areng Wood Organic Hanger $16.49
Pyrex Glass Green Glitter Drop $8.99
Pink Jeweled Heart Bioflex Belly Ring$15.49$9.29
Peace and Love Belly Bar$9.49$5.69
Pink Magnolia Leather Flower Plugs$16.99$10.19
Pink Best Friend Belly Bar Set $18.99
Picasso Jasper Stone Flared Plugs $16.49