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Twisted Rope Navel Shield$15.49$6.20
Triple Jeweled Belly Rings$7.49$3.00
Titanium Spiral Belly Ring$12.49$8.74
Titanium Lip Labret$8.49$5.94
Tribal Design Non Pierce Nipple Shield$12.49$5.00
Titanium Lip Labrets 6mm$7.99$5.59
Titanium Captive Bead Rings$8.99$6.29
Two Tone Cone Labret$5.99$2.40
Tribal Design Horn and Bone Spiral Taper$12.49$8.74
Two Tone Glitter Barbell$5.99$2.40
Tusk Twister Belly Ring$11.49$4.60
Tribal Flames Captive Bead Ring$9.99$4.00
Textured Split Gecko Belly Bar$14.99$10.49
Triple Beach Cone Eyebrow Bar$5.99$2.40
Tigers Eye Stone Plug$6.49$4.54
Tribal Flames Large Captive Bead Ring$12.49$8.74
Turquoise Flared Plugs$6.49$4.54
Tribal Horn and Bone Plugs$9.99$6.99
Tribal Horn and Bone Long Cambodian Plug$12.49$8.74
Top Hat Plug with O-Ring$9.49$3.80
Top Hat Amethyst Stone Plug with Oring$8.99$6.29
Transdermal Spike for Dermal Anchors$7.99$3.20
Teardrop Jasper Stone Plug$10.99$7.69
Teardrop Amethyst Stone Plugs$11.49$8.04
Tamarind Wood Hanger$18.99$7.60
Three Jeweled Toe Ring$10.99$7.69
Translucent Glitter Flexible Silicone Plugs$18.99$13.29
Triple Hearts Dangle Belly Ring$12.49$5.00
UV Dice Barbells$5.99$2.40
UV Flexible Barbells$6.49$2.60
Ultra Vixen Belly Ring$6.49$2.60
Ultra Vixen Tongue Bar$6.49$2.60
UV Pill Tongue Bars$6.49$2.60
UV Glitter Barbell$5.99$4.19
UV Labrets$5.99$4.19
UV Acrylic Balls Eyebrow Bar$5.99$4.19
Valentines Heart Belly$9.49$3.80
Valentines Heart Belly Ring$10.49$4.20
Violet Ribbon Pyrex Talon$19.99$8.00
Vertebrae Tribal Pincher$10.49$4.20