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Indonesian Circle Belly Ring$28.99$11.60
Irish Claddagh Design Solitaire Gem Belly Ring$9.99$4.00
Industrial Barbells$10.49$7.34
Industrial Spiked Labret$6.49$4.54
Internally Threaded Barbells$7.49$5.24
Internally Threaded Jeweled Labret$7.99$3.20
Independent Cross Tongue Bar$10.49$4.20
Iron Cross Captive Bead Ring$17.49$7.00
Internal Threaded Red and Clear Stones Tunnel$13.99$5.60
Impression Spiders Web Plugs$11.99$8.39
Internally Threaded Jewelled Labret Stud$7.99$5.59
Intricate Carved Dragon Horn Ear Hanger$19.49$7.80
Insect Negative Space Plugs$26.49$10.60
Internally Threaded Spiked Dermal Anchor Set$7.49$3.00
Jewelled Captive Bead Ring$5.99$2.40
Jeweled Spike Labrets$8.99$3.60
Jeweled Split Gecko Belly Ring$10.49$7.34
Jeweled Slave Knocker Belly Ring$6.49$2.60
Jeweled Spike Tongue Bar$11.49$4.60
Jeweled Slave Labret$6.99$2.80
Jeweled Bioflex Labrets$7.49$5.24
Jasper Stone Flared Plug$8.99$3.60
Jolly Snowman Belly Bar$8.99$3.60
Jewelled Snake Taper$16.49$6.60
Jewelled Sparrow Belly Bar$13.99$5.60
JackFruit Wood Plugs$9.49$6.64
Jewelled Heart Belly Bar$8.99$3.60
Jeweled Kitty Belly Bar$11.49$4.60
Jeweled Heart Toe Rings$13.99$9.79
Jeweled Toe Ring$13.99$9.79
Jeweled Star Fish Toe Ring$12.99$9.09
Koosh Ball Belly Ring$6.99$2.80
Koosh Ball Barbells$6.99$2.80
Kitty Nipple Ring$12.99$5.20
Koosh Vibrating Tongue Bar$19.99$13.99
Love Dangle Belly Ring$10.99$4.40
Lucky Dice Labrets$5.99$2.40
Loop Labret with UV Balls$6.99$2.80
Labret Pincher$6.49$2.60
Letter Charm Belly Rings$8.99$3.60